Wise Club Lambs
Wise Club Lambs
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Sire: NOS (Marcantel 33 x Wise Blue 211)
Dam: Cabaniss 185 (Pistol) x Xzibit
2010 - RR NN
Bred by Sitzlein Club Lambs

We are excited about the addition of Versus to our genetic lineup. This woolly headed buck combines power in an attractive package like all of the Stitzlein sheep do so well. He also has the added benefit, for us, of the proven and predictable Shotgun genetics from the Blue 211 ewe.




Sire: Versus
Dam: Shotgun x Link
January 2011 - RR NN

Sling Shot was one of the standout sons of Versus in 2011. He is extremely correct in his skeletal design, powerfully muscled, and square and level hipped. Best of all, his dam is from the "31" ewe family. She is a full sister to the Grand Champion Lamb at the 2005 Colorado State Fair and the Reserve Grand Champion in 2008.



Sire: Boss Hog (Road Hog)
Dam: FNA
January 2009 - RR NN
Purchased from Burch and Hobbs
Owned with Sidwell Show Sheep

We are excited about the addition of Patron to the ram battery. He is stout and square in his makeup and is backed by proven and predictable genetics both top and bottom.




Cabaniss 096-04
Sire: Cabaniss 177-02 (Pistol x 172)
Dam: Cabaniss 00-092 (Stroker x Nick O'Time)
March 2004 - QR NN
Bred by Cabaniss Club Lambs

Shotgun has been a consistent and solid producer of quality sheep for us for six years
and his value to our program and others continues to grow stronger with time.




Sire: Arsenal
Dam: Shotgun x Link
January 2009 - RR NN

Squirt Gun's dam is a full sister to the Shotgun ewe owned by Mike Stitzlein that produced the Grand Champion Market lamb at the California State Fair in 2007, the Reserve Grand Champion there in 2009 and the NOS ram in 2008. This powerful buck is expressive in his muscle design, stout in his bone work and still extremely clean through his breast and fore rib.




Sire: Arsenal
Dam: Shotgun x Email
January 2009 - RR NN

Buckshot is a stout made buck that carries extra hampshire influence on the maternal side of his pedigree. He is wide based, square hipped and strong topped, plus he is heavy structured and extra shaggy.





Sire: Winfrey "Perazzi" (Caesar Son x Bodacious)
Dam: Git-R-Done (Caesar Son x Smokey)
March 2006 - RR NN
Bred by Winfrey Club Lambs
Owned with Sidwell Show Sheep

Arsenal has proven himself as a wether producer. He consistently transmits his unique muscle expression, rib shape and touch. Plus, his lambs are big footed and shaggy.




Sire: Johnson "Scooter"
Dam: Mayer
Bred by Johnson Club Lambs





Cabaniss 390-01
Sire: Cabaniss 061-99 (Four Son)
Dam: Cabaniss 97-937 (Noon)
Feb 2001 - QR NN
Bred by Cabaniss Club Lambs




Direct Hit

Sire: Winfrey "Chaos" (Perazzi son)
Dam: Berry (High Hopes ewe)
Jan 2006 - QR NN
Bred by Berry Club Lambs

Sold to Tomlinson Club Lambs, UT




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